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Heartbreaking Circus Spectacular


Inspired by 19th century french ballet La Sylphide, CRASH is a retelling of European folktale through impressionist, mix media pop-conceptual circus.

From the Award-Winning team that created Becoming Shades, comes a new show in the round. Experience a spectacular blend of daring acrobatics, dramatic aesthetics and powerful visual narratives. Lose yourself in a dark electronic soundscape and heart-breaking vocals in the compelling world of CRASH.

When a mysterious woodland creature appears to a man on the morning of his wedding, he can’t resist following her. Their love is immortal, for true love conquers all. Or does it?

In the moonlight hen the forest comes alive, who can you really trust? Who is the hunter and who is the prey?


Holly Downey, Michael Standen, Nathalie Alison, Joe Keeley, Anna MacDonell, Briar Adams.

Creative Team

Director    :    Laurane Marchive
Producer, Idea & Concept    :    Edward Gosling
Creative Producer & General Manager    :    Ilai Szpiezak
Lighting designer    :    Azusa Ono
Costume Designer    :    Jelka Quintelier
Composer    :    Sam West
Composer    :    Sarah Eizenfitz
Stage Manager    :    Joanne Davies
Rigger    :    Ilya Varty


"Making the ordinary, extraordinary, because life is not a dress rehearsal.”

- Ilai Szpiezak