Case Studies

Case Studies

Dreams & Balloons @One Marylebone Bnot Mitzvah

Upstage was approached to create, design, produce and entertain a spectacular Bat Mitzvah Party at the stunning One Marylebone.

Almost 12 months in the planning, this event was everything we expected and more. We were approached to produce, design, entertain and manage a twins sisters’ Bnot Mitzvah at one of London’s most elegant venues: One Marylebone.

The design of the event consisted in more than 5000 balloons covering the entire ceiling of the venue creating a skyline of clouds completed with spectacular lighting a stunning LED video wall with bespoke graphics, video content and effects.

Throughout the evening guests where entertained by our performers which included mind readers LED ballerinas, live musicians, singers and if that was not enough, theatrical dessert stations including nitrogen ice cream, a 60 miles p/hour candy floss station and finally, a mist orb station where guests could taste different flavours of mist with lighting effects.

We worked closely with our clients to achieve the desired theme providing:

  • Music entertainment: Upstage Live (DJ, MC, Singer & 2 live musicians)
  • Technical production, setup, control & de-rig
  • Stage production, LED video wall, content & lighting design
  • Running order & on the day management
  • Full design and support throughout 12 months to achieve the overall vision
  • Bespoke entertainment including make up artists, circus performers, LED ballerinas, mind readers and more

One of the highlights of the year for the whole Upstage team and we cannot wait to get creative again and produce another one of a kind experience.

“Ilai and the team at Upstage Creative did a wonderful job on our double Bat Mitzvah party. Ilai is a creative genius, full of fabulous ideas and able to translate into an amazing party. Everything was perfect on the evening and the atmosphere was electric. Even the security team at the venue came to tell me that this was one of the best parties they had ever seen (and they had seen a few!). The thank you notes and messages from our guests were equally fulsome. Most importantly, my daughters had the night of their lives.”
Dee, Bat Mitzvah @One Marylebone

“I must tell you again how refreshing it was to work on a project with you......your energy and enthusiasm for all the little details really makes a difference. Looking forward to the next one.”
Jeremy Coleman, Photographer

Charity concert - UK Premiere, Hotel venue

Producing and managing a concert for a charity featuring a former Eurovision international singer for the first time in London.

The brief was to transform a hotel room chosen for the event into an electrifying concert venue with an intimate feel for this international singer. It was not only a very special event for a charitable cause, but also the artist’s first concert in the UK.

We worked alongside our charity clients to make their vision a reality while respecting the requirements from the artist, band and hotel.

Harel Skaat was the artist chosen for the event. He has been praised as one of the most talented Israeli singers of his generation, with albums surpassing the platinum level both in Israel and abroad.

We were in charge of managing the event as well as leading the work behind the scenes, before and on the the day itself. We worked on a creative and technical level in the following areas of the event:

  • Artist Liaison
  • Technical rider and technical production
  • Running times and management
  • Stage and lighting design
  • Stage management

We adapted the artist’s rider to fit the venue for this event whilst securing a quality production to fit the band’s needs. We oversaw the whole day including technical set up, rehearsals, concert and de-rig.

The result was a packed out show and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

“I have been working with Ilai for over 5 years now, during which time he has produced and directed a number of private concerts for me, which have been quite demanding at every level. I have always found Ilai to be extremely reliable and gifted in what he does. He has high standards, always pays attention to detail and goes out of his way to offer his assistance with whatever comes up on the night or during the project, even if it is not part of the original remit. Ilai is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any future clients.”
ALAN AZIZ, United Synagogue Director of Development and Former CEO of ZF and JNF, July 2017 (corporate)

Bespoke performance @The Royal Albert Hall

A tailor made show in conjunction with a charity event, performed and designed for the stage of The Royal Albert Hall.

We were delighted to take part in such a historical event, bringing people together from diverse cultural heritages and beliefs and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

The event was held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall, one of the most prestigious venues in Europe which has seen performances from some of the leading figures in music, dance, sport and politics since its opening in 1871.

We were approached to produce and create a bespoke performance based on a historical narrative as well as involving an orchestra, a live band, a folk dance troupe and professional dancers.

To achieve such an powerful performance, we worked with our team of costume designers, stage managers and choreographers to create a 4-piece dance spectacle, which told the story of a group of Eastern European Jews travelling to the Middle-East and the creation of the State of Israel.

The show was lead by our company director and creative producer Ilai Szpiezak, who also curated the music performed live by a Klezmer band and an orchestra of over 100 people.

The result was a delightful and emotional performance in front of over 4000 audience members which brought together different generations and cultures, and most importantly, created a positive impact for a better future.

We can be sure that this was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone involved and made a real statement that life is not a dress rehearsal.

Welcome, we are all mad here… Wonderland Bat Mitzvah @Claridges

Interactive characters for a spectacular immersive Bat Mitzvah party at the beautiful hotel Claridges, London.

Interactive characters for a spectacular immersive Bat Mitzvah party at the beautiful hotel Claridges, London.

When creative minds work together you can achieve something better than what you can ever imagine. This was proved in this event.

Lead by Whitepaper Event, we were approached to create and design a series of Wonderland Interactive Characters to entertain guests at this private event in one of the most prestigious venues in London.

The brief was based around Wonderland without becoming an “Alice in Wonderland” event. It had to be styled to the colour theme of the evening while remaining family friendly and quirky at the same time.

We worked with our team of creatives and performers to put together a design that would fit the event and be comfortable to wear and perform with throughout the evening.

The result was a colourful, mad, wonderful and creative group of characters that welcomed, entertained, guided and transported guests to a world of wonder and imagination.

Services provided:

  • Costume Design
  • Costume creation
  • Make up and hair style
  • Circus and Dance performers

Characters created:

  • Mad Hatter Doorman
  • Puppet Ballerina - Clocktime traveler
  • Ringmaster Acrobat
  • Butterfly enchanter

To life, to life Lechayim!… Flashmob surprise dance @The Dorchester

A family surprise flashmob dance at a wedding in the remarkable hotel - The Dorchester.

There are only a few moments in life that make us cry with happiness and enjoyment, and this wedding was one of them. A combination of tears of happiness and emotion, a stunning bride and a group of family members and friends who worked hard to create the unexpected; A flashmob song and dance to the song Lechayim!

Lead by our company director and creative producer, Ilai Szpiezak, we put together an astonishing performance involving 18 non-dancer family members and made them look like they owned the stage!

The brief was simple. To create a flashmob performance with family and friends to surprise the bride on her wedding day as well as making it fun, easily doable and enjoyable to watch.

We created a backing track recorded especially for this event using excerpts of the real soundtrack from Fiddler on the Roof Broadway show and modified sections to fit the voices and dance moves of our brand new “Wedding Performance Troupe”. It was a professional musical production - the only difference was ordinary people instead of professional performers!

=Following four short and very funny rehearsals, everyone, from the bride’s father to the bridesmaids, was ready to rock the dance floor and make the beautiful bride feel even more special.

Everything was tailored for our clients. From the music to the dance moves, song lyrics to the style, they did a wonderful job and we can truly say, they brought the house down!

Services Provided:

  • Music creation
  • Lyrics adaptation
  • Bespoke Choreography
  • Rehearsals and teaching
  • On the night direction

The response on the night was just wonderful. Our bride could not stop clapping, singing and jumping from happiness. The flashmob members were delighted and felt like on a West End stage and the rest of the guests could not believe what they had just experienced. This wasn’t just the highlight of the evening, it was also the highlight of the new chapter of our newlyweds’ life.

This is a real proof that we can turn the ordinary, extraordinary. Making a memorable experience and a night to remember.

“Working with Ilai has been a wonderful and memorable experience. With his enthusiasm, charisma and skill he managed to make 18 untalented people look and sound great.. Rehearsals were fun, and on the night, under Ilai’s superb direction, we stunned the 350 people at my daughter’s wedding with a flash dance in which we sang and we danced. The crowd’s reaction was a reflection of the effort and energy that Ilai put into our little show. And for my daughter, now newly married, the flash dance was one of the highlights of her wedding.   Somehow, Ilai managed to make us enjoy every moment. If you are having a flash dance, or want help in producing any musical event, call Ilai -  I cannot recommend him highly enough. You won’t regret it!”
Gary & Fiona Phillips, Wedding November 2017

Raffi’s Electrifying Bar Mitzvah!

Graffiti, Theatre and party!… Production and music entertainment

For this event, we transformed a arts centre into a superb theatre inspired Bar Mitzvah venue.

Our team of lighting designers, technicians and entertainers brought together a real party atmosphere lead by our team of producers.

The entertainment came from the hand of our Upstage Dance setup: A high-energy DJ, Interactive MC-ing by our company director Ilai Szpiezak, two dancers to hype up the crowd plus the addition of a live vocalist for dinner and party entertainment.

The result was a breathtaking graffiti-inspired production involving computerised moving lights, stage lights, set, sound and video.

We provided full technical support, operation and entertainment on the day of the Bar Mitzvah as well as a full de-rig once the event finished.

We worked closely with our client to achieve the desired theme providing:

  • Music entertainment: Upstage Dance
  • Technical production & setup
  • Running order & during the event support
  • Bespoke Bar Mitzvah entertainment

“You and your guys did the most incredible job on Saturday night at Raffi’s Bar Mitzvah party. I cannot thank you enough - from the first meeting we had at home to the final product we felt that you were totally on board with us and our vision. The energy that you and your dancers put in is above and beyond. For me the defining moment was when Raffi first walked into the hall and saw the whole set up from the graffiti wall, the tables and the stage and lighting. He was totally and utterly blown away and it was beyond what he ever imagined. I really hope our paths cross many times on whatever journey that may be! Thank  you again for all your magic.”
Miriam, Bar Mitzvah, February 2018

Glitter Glow Bat Mitzvah

Copacabana in Central London… Production, music and entertainment @Drake & Morgan Kings Cross.

After months of working alongside our clients, we knew that Lola’s Bat Mitzvah would be a night to remember. From production to music, everything was themed and designed to fit the chosen venue whilst keeping the informal and relaxed feel of the Bat Mitzvah family.

We were delighted to be back at a Drake & Morgan venue, this time in King’s Cross - sister to The Refinery where we have worked several times in the past. The party was created around the theme of “Glitter and Glow”. Once all the formalities were finished, we hit the dance floor with a full-on glow atmosphere including UV cannons, moving lights to highlight the shades of glitter around the staging and UV make up provided as a roaming entertainment throughout the evening.

Our team of lighting designers, technicians and entertainers brought together a real party atmosphere lead onstage by our UPSTAGE LIVE setup.

Adults enjoyed a live acoustic set during dinner while kids were entertained by our LED multi-skilled performers and dancers.

We worked closely with our clients to achieve the desired theme providing:

  • Music entertainment: Upstage Live
  • Technical production, setup, control & de-rig
  • Stage & lighting Design
  • Running order & on the day support
  • Bespoke Bar Mitzvah entertainment including Make up artists, circus performers, LED graphics & props, dancers and an afterparty Karaoke!

One of our most enjoyable events up to date, and what a party it was!

An event where all the different sides of our creative minds came together to play: Production, Music, Dance and Entertainment all in one to make a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Upstage Creative and their director Ilai Szpiezak are incredible! I cannot recommend them highly enough. They took away every bit of stress before the event and on the night. Ilai is the most extraordinarily talented and creative young man and he surrounds himself with others who are creative, professional, talented and just lovely. Ilai and Upstage are brilliant and will not let you down! The adults and kids were thought about equally so that each had a fabulous time. We could just relax and enjoy the amazing party. We had the best night of our lives and so did all of the kids, especially the Bat Mitzvah girl.  We meant every word. You are brilliant.  Thank you so much.“
Dafna & Bill, Bat Mitzvah, February 2018

"Making the ordinary, extraordinary, because life is not a dress rehearsal.”

- Ilai Szpiezak